Saturday, 17 May 2014

English wine and future plans

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So before I get back to my posts of Paris, I have one more from England. My sister lives in Dorking where I spent most of the holiday. A lovely little town that happens to have the largest English vineyard, Denbies, which covers 267 acres. My sister kindly gave us the tickets she couldn't use and we went for a Sparkling Wine Tour. Don't mind if I do, thanks Em.

The tour comprised of a film, a tour of backstage, a tasting and a little train ride around the grounds (with another little tasting). I have done a vineyard tour in Bordeaux before on my Erasmus year and my lasting memory was that although I understood wine and could say things like: "mmm, oaky...slightly tanic...smooth," with meaning, it didn't stick.  Only mere days later and all I could say was: "Yum, grapes"! This time I am really trying to commit it to memory. Here is what I learnt:
  • The soil is similar to in the French Champagne region and therefore they make great sparkling wine.
  • The slopes protect the vines from the cold Northerly wind so the grapes can grow in peace.
  • The chalky geology in the area means the soil doesn't get water logged. Yay.
  • The Queen's favourite is Surrey Gold.
Lovely day, lovely wine, lovely company.

This is the end of my England photos however, I will be returning. In June, I'll be starting an internship in London for a publishing house. I'm super excited to begin and can explore a whole new city - I've not spent much time in London. I'm equally sad to leave Paris. But we'll always have Paris and who knows what my next step will be post-internship, I may be back. Good things ahead. Until then, more Paris posts coming up...

Can't wait to see you again London...

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