Saturday, 21 June 2014

Crazy crafts and time flying

I'm back in the UK for my internship now and suddenly, with a 9-6 job and a commute, I find myself falling behind with my little Paris scrapbook. But I'm determined to keep going and don't want to lose all my lovely photos so will persevere to get the memories up here.

Flashback to a lunchtime break in the Jardin du Luxembourg with the lovely Melissa before our Versailles lecture. We nattered by the pond for a couple of hours where a very crafty man had displayed his handmade ship by the water. Matchsticks, lego, Hello Kitty, soft toys and rigging. He was very proud of his creation and encouraged me to snap away.

Very awesome. You might spot in the first picture, there are the little flags he encouraged people to design and stick on the mast. Passer-bys kept stopping to admire and the fact that you could add a little something made it all the better for kids, but also for the more grown-up kids, like ourselves. Good job, Monsieur!