Wednesday, 21 May 2014

100 Days in Paris

My sky
Today, Wednesday 21 May, marks my 100th day living in Paris. I guess that 100 days isn't really an anniversary of any particular importance (other than the fact that everyone loves a round number) but #100happydays is trending on my Facebook homepage so let's commemorate. Yes, I know I'm mixing up my social medias but I'm radical that way.

I can honestly say, my time in Paris has been one of the happiest periods of my life. My French has improved, I've met lovely people, and done plenty of unexpected things. But it has been a difficult period in other ways, with lots of rushing back and forth to England to be with my family. As I reach this point, it's easy for me to say that blood will always come before Paris but I'm thankful this city has always been waiting to welcome me back. As I begin to count my days down here, I am clutching onto anything Paris offers me.

Here are some photos from off the tourist route. These are all shots from my bedroom window. The 28th floor certainly gives me quite a view. It looks out to the east of Paris so don't go scanning for the Eiffel Tour, it isn't there. My post today is inspired by the rain that is currently pouring down after a week of beautiful sunshine.

The rain in Paris seems to come out of nowhere, chucks down heavily and disappears. And I see it all from my apartment in the sky and it has become one of my favourite things - rushing to window when I hear it begin. I don't really have a point and I don't want to turn it into a metaphor. Let's just enjoy it...

tl;dr I like the sky.

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