Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Life is strange, so let's go to England

South coast of the UK
A lovely little two week holiday popped up suddenly this April, how time flies in Paris. I had only planned for 5 days back in the UK but, such is life, I ended up staying the full 2 weeks.

Presented without comment...
While I catch up on my grammar homework and job applications, I just wanted to post a few shots from my time hanging in the old motherland.

Although I didn't actually get to go home at all, I still spent every second with my family (and one cheeky old friend who slipped in there!). But despite the strange circumstances, reconnecting with the people I love was a perfect way to spend my quinze jours.

So thank you Great Britain. God save the Queen. How cute is Prince George? Thank you and goodnight.

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