Thursday, 10 April 2014

Artkook cooking class

Tucking in after all our excellent work
 I must admit, although I love French culture, the fancy haute cuisine doesn't particularly rock my boat. I'm happier with a bottle of wine and a stick of bread in a parc than in a Michelin-starred restaurant. However, thanks for Artkook, I found a cooking course in my price-range  and figured that if I'm going to try it, now is my moment. So one Saturday afternoon, I headed to a very swanky parisian loft to have a class with Romain, our very charming guest chef.

Thankfully the Finnish girl was brave enough to tackle the fish...

I don't think the translations will sound as nice in English so here is a copy and paste of our menu:

- Risotto aux betteraves, coulis d'herbes et marscarpone de parmesan
 -Lieu jaune rôti, pastilla de légumes aux épices du maghreb, écume de poivron rouge
- Tartare d'ananas au citron vert, fruit de la passion et mousse coco

Simple translation = beetroot risotto, pollack, then pineapple with some nice bits!

Great team work, could be mistaken for Saturday Morning Kitchen...
The class is supposed to be as hands on as possible, which, quite rightly, includes doing the washing up. So the final meal is only as good as you make it. And I must say, we were pretty impressed even if it took a little longer than expected. My favourite was definitely the risotto, since the beetroot was so gorgeous! Look at those colours. Yum.

Our final result. Qu'est-ce que t'en penses?
Three hours of cooking, homemade wine and the meal itself, it was an amazing evening. Find the group on where the lovely Jessie is always organising new events. Nice to enjoy some more sophisticated French food. Hold the escargot though, that is still too soon.

Thanks to Jessie for letting me use her brilliant photos!

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