Friday, 19 September 2014

A British Summer

Perhaps it's time to move on. The previous post of my final night in Paris now feels like a distant memory. I've been in the UK for 3 months+ now and my constant nattering in French is becoming less acceptable. I always try to control myself by a little reminder of a favourite quotation from The Jane Austen Book Club whenever I start to say "Put the milk in the frigo":

Allegra: If only she'd stop speaking French
Jocelyn: Or at least go to France, where it would be less noticeable

 So I'm now back in Yorkshire following my summer internship in London. Living in the South was filled with celebrations: birthdays, small victories, big decisions and a reunited family.


And many many many many weekend roadtrips.

For example, this one! Arundel Castle
Magical warm evenings...

Like this one! Brockham village fair
A final trip to the seaside. We picked Bexhill-on-Sea by pointing at the map. Great descision in the end.

And after all the adventures and misadventures, we rented a big van for our old man to drive us back up the M1 to our lovely abode.

It's almost three weeks that we've been back now. I was greeted on the first evening with the spectacular sky from my attic window.

Whatever is next? There is another internship opportunity in London, more job applications. Fingers crossed for those already sent out into the world. But either way, the long and lovely summer that graced us this year was certainly appreciated.

But I do love autumn....

Bring it on!

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  1. A glorious summer in so many ways. The piccies conjure up sweet memories.... xx