Sunday, 16 March 2014

Un weekend à Paris: Canal Saint-Martin and Jim Broadbent

Canal Saint-Martin: the picnic and protest edition
 Les tous petits plaisirs. If you haven't seen Amélie, you need to correct that immediately and learn to enjoy the small pleasures in life. Such as skipping stones on Canal Saint-Martin. My classmate very wisely proposed a picnic by the canal last weekend and so we ate our Sésame bagels, chat about life and watched the world go by. A gorgeous afternoon, enjoyed with many Parisians. Protesters marched past, stylish kids scooted along and boats passed through the locks. Simply charming!

Popular with the locals, we searched for an empty spot
My weekend in Paris was finished with Roger Mitchell's Un week-end à Paris, newly released here in France but came out in the UK back in October as Le Week-End. I was completely enchanted by this film. Beautiful shots of Paris, a honest look at a long-term relationship, and quiet humour. I loved the throwback to Godard's Band à Part and I now dream of recreating the dance scene in a little bistro. It was a film that I wanted to instantly see again once the credits rolled and think if, like me, you enjoy New Wave films, Jim Broadbent or Jeff Goldblum do not miss this!

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